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Scunthorpe, (states/regions/territories), United Kingdom
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80's cartoons, adrick, arnold rimmer, arthur/eames, batman, buffy, cartoons, comic art, comic books, comics, concept art, dave lister, dc comics, dean/sam, death note, doctor who, dr mccoy, dr who, drawing comics, fanfiction, fantasy, gameing, harry potter, inception, indie music, it crowd, james kirk, jamie mccrimmon, japan, jason todd, john simm, joseph gordon-levitt, karl urban, kirk/mccoy, life on mars, lord of the rings, marvel, merlin, mythology, near, nightwing, red dwarf, robin, runaways, sam/frodo, science fiction, scott pilgrim, second doctor, sherlock holmes, slash, star trek, superheroes, supernatural, the master, tom hardy, top gear, two/jamie, x-men:first class
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Hello there ^^ Not very good at telling people about myself but here's the short version.I'm British, names Lucy but you may call me Loo if you like. Mates call me Looroll but it’s rather embarrassing being called after the British slang for toilet paper; I have lovely friend’s ^_^ I love a lot of things, far too many things sometimes. There be comic books/manga, anime, TV shows, films, books, RPG games, squeeing about cute actors, fantasy and Sci-fi, 80's cartoons, Japan, video games, shonen ai/slash, music(rock, punk, indie, metal ect), Children’s books, mythology, the supernatural and of course before I forget Drawing (badly) ^_~ I'm a shy geek but I'm quite laid back, fun loving and far to nice for my own good sometimes *lol* I have a wide variety of interests so if we share anything friend away, in fact i'd love it as I'm just a big squishy dork who loves to share her loves.
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Fandoms that steal my time are Life on Mars (Gene/Sam is so much love), Sherlock Holmes, Inception, X-men, Doctor Who, Star Trek, Supernatural, Merlin, Death Note, Harry potter, Torchwood, Being Human, IT Crowd, Firefly, Starsky and Hutch, Watchmen, Heroes, LOTR, Lost, Black Books, Fringe, Chuck, CSI, Spaced, Tom hardy, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Karl Urban, David Tennant, John Simm ♥, comics book fandom, British and US TV, gameing......oh hell i'll be at this list forever, lets just say simply I'm just one huge geek of a fan girl who likes a lot of stuff.
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